loving on the listserv

I love our neighborhood listserv.  I have great fondness for the folks that inhabit it, for the people that leave bitter little gems and for the ones that fill it with petty grievances (breakfast meat on the kitchen floor).  I get excited when I see familiar email addresses pop up knowing that the post is bound to be curmudgeonly written by some grouchy Duke academic.   These unknown neighbors are my friends or at least my afternoon entertainment.

At my second ever bookclub meeting (dreadfully behind the times, I am), the vibe in the room remained awkward.  We seven women really don’t know each other well and are all still on our (relatively) best behavior.  We politely discussed a rather impolite book and were set to go on our merry ways until the topic of the listserv erupted.  We all met on the listserv, so we know the joys of it, and suddenly we were laughing, talking over each other, sharing our favorite entries, and giggling at the fact the School of Science & Math has a unicorn as a mascot. (How nine-year-old- girl of them!  How role-playing-game of them!)

The ice had been broken and whereas we marched down the stairs silently in January, this week we tromped down it chatting and grousing about the cold.

God bless the listserv.


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