Central Park Morning

We were not the only ones enjoying the sunshine and bizarrely mild weather today (I will never, never get used to the multiple personalities of a NC winter). The farmer’s market, Central Park, and for that matter the Y (when do New Year’s Resolutions wear off??) were buzzing.

Sitting on top of the hill by the brick wall, Little W declares, “It’s amazing up here on top of the mountain! You can see everything!”  And indeed you could see a lot from this vantage point.

In addition to scoring butternut squash, lettuce mix, and hot italian breakfast sausage, I like these farmer’s market mornings as it’s one time when a part of the city is bustling and you run into those random people that you know or at least recognize, and you remember what it is like to truly live in a community.


  1. Amy said

    You guys must have missed Big Lou and J and Ben and Will. i sent the boys there while i went to a baby shower (Louis said he didn’t think babies were allowed in showers ). They biked to the Museum and got stuck knee deep in mud. Jason walked around the museum without shoes !! See you tomorrow!

    • eluet said

      We were there until almost noon. They totally avoided us–I know the truth!

  2. Mike + Linda said

    Is it prettier than Mt. Pisgah?

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