our guilty pleasure

When it rains, it pours around here, so there was plenty of television programming on Wednesday night to keep our DVR humming until late at night between the Duke-Carolina game, “Lost,” and our guilty pleasure, “Top Chef.”

“Top Chef” has inexplicably become one of the few tv programs that we can agree upon over here.  For Will, I think he enjoys the chance to ogle the comely Padma.  For me, my love and allegiance is torn between the absurdly cocky German-Finn and the disconcertingly bug-eyed Carla who off handedly remarked that she was once a model.  (Whaaaa?)

I’m not sure what makes this show so much fun to watch.  Part of it is the characters and part of it, I think, is that they are doing things that aren’t that impossible for us to achieve, or at the very least, to copy in a simplified form.  I’m too old by a decade to be on “The Real World,” far too clumsy to be on “Dancing with the Stars” and unwilling to debase myself on anything onVH-1.  I, however, could potentially make Carla’s peas from last night and I don’t think that Eggs Benedict is truly out of my league.

Whatever it is, I look forward to another week of Stefan patronizingly chucking Hosea on the cheek and  Fabio pronouncing the program to be “Top Chef” not “Top Scallop.”


  1. Heather said

    we are also TC addicts! watching the old episodes of Tom and the gang helped us maintain our sanity when Milo was up around the clock. i’m not sure how we have become so opinated about things we are in no position to judge — like “after over salting that celery, Jamie definately had to go . .”

  2. eluet said

    Thank you! At our house you would have heard, “Jeez, I can’t believe that Leah is still around. That woman can’t cook a piece of fish to save her life!” I never cook fish; who am I to judge??

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