zucker, baby

The lowly Durham grocery stores didn’t have them, so I had to travel all the way to Chapel Hill for my little albino delicacies.


In case you were wondering who first invented the sugar cube, that distinguished honor goes to none other than Jakub Kryštof Rad.  In fact, the website of the Visegrad Group details this accomplishment and many more (prepare to be amazed).  This website has quickly become a favorite of mine largely because of my fond memories of traveling in this area as a foreign exchange student with limited financial resources yet plenty of time on her hands (due to a faculty strike at her Viennese university).

To my mamas who are desiring to be pampered a little more, this region also seems to be a spa hotbed which I can confirm (as of 12 years ago) with my visit to the touristy but hilariously opulent Gellert Baths in Budapest.


I do like how it mentions that Budapest was awarded the supreme title, “Spa City.”  On the days when I feel achy and tired and grumpy, it’s hard to imagine wanting to live in a city with a lovelier title than that.   Perhaps we need to petition the International Balneological Association and see what we can do to get Durham on its way to becoming a spa city of its own.


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