celebratory coffee cake

This morning we celebrated the birth of our friends’ new baby by baking a coffee cake (which we then took over to their home.   Please, we’re not that odd).  Whenever I get out the mixing bowls, little w. and e. start scooting chairs and stools over to the countertop to get a better look and to help with all of the measuring, dumping, and sampling.  Today as we started to make our Apple Streusel Coffee Cake, things were no different.


I know that I could get my baking done in half the time if I didn’t have these little hands offering to scoop and stir for me, and I’m sure that my end results would taste better as half the baking powder and sugar wouldn’t end up on the floor.  But, half the fun of baking is seeing the new ways that they want to participate.  w. now likes to crack eggs.  e.  now likes to help cut in the butter with her fingers.  (I think that detail pretty much guarantees that no one will be eating our cookies any time soon.)

Today, our coffee cake result was pretty good.  It could have used a little more streusel topping, but about 1/4 cup of that bit the dust with some over-enthusiastic mixing.  It could have used a little more apple, but a hungry toddler took care of that ingredient.


Next up, biscuits…


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