Duke University is a strong mystery for the kids (largely because of our state school bias and our ability to forget that Duke’s walled off campus is only a mile from our home), but its strongest spell has to be its tunnels.  For the uninitiated, Duke’s East and West Campuses are connected by a lonely little road, and often on our way home on Swift Ave., we will detour down Campus Dr. and through the “tunnels.”


The kids have always liked this route because it goes by a perpetual construction site, and they like the changing graffiti that the Duke undergrads are busy creating on the overpasses and walls of the tunnels.  Ever since Omi and Opa introduced them to the game of holding up your arms when you go through the tunnels, they are captivated by the power they have to keep the tunnels from collapsing on the roof of the car.  Yesterday, on our way home I asked, “Who wants to go through the tunnels?” and little e. raised up both of her fleece ensconced arms and kept them up despite her brother’s admonitions that we were nowhere near the tunnels yet.   She gets the game.

When we loop up through East Campus to head home on Main Street, the Duke University fun doesn’t end–the kids always have to point out the statue of the man going, “ahhhhh!”  Apparently nothing says relaxation like the statue of Washington Duke, sitting in an armchair and staring off into the distance, breathing in the tobacco smoke wafting through the evening sky.



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