running man

This afternoon Will and I decided to take advantage of the 82 degree weather and the grandparents being in town to go on a run around the neighborhood.  Together.  At the same time.  We changed, put on our shoes, and found attractive hats.  Little w.  noticed our preparations and then declared that he too wanted to go on a run with us.  So, he donned his Georgia O’Keefe cattle skull t-shirt, seersucker shorts, gray and brown striped socks, gray sneakers, and his shark hat, and we were off.  We carefully did stretches in the front yard and w. took off up the hill pumping his arms like an Olympic sprinter.  After a brief pit stop at our neighbors’ front porch, he finished off his run with some hilarious huffing and puffing and inquiries about how my legs felt.  A couple more runs around the block, and he should be ready for this.


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