traveling with the kids

In a nonstop deluge worthy of an ark, we drove up to Virginia to visit some friends of ours who have landed on the outskirts of Richmond.  Scott Simon kept us company for part of the ride, and when he left us due to WUNC’s declining signal, we relived our college glory days with R.E.M.  The kids didn’t seem too enamored with this musical choice and chose to occupy themselves in other ways:



I am all for raising glorious bookworms who can read in the car without getting carsick like myself.  They keep themselves occupied and entertained, and it sure looks hilarious to see your 22 month old daughter poring over a picture book like it contains the meaning of life.

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  1. grand po po said

    Those are the most literate special angels I have seen in many a day, nor am I surprixed one tiny bit. Now which book do you allege to be the culprit book in this so-called non-angel altercation/confrontation regarding alleged sought possession of alleged so-called book? Those little angels are angels and that’s that. Yawl are big angels but sometimes get the actions of the little angels wrong. Happy Anniversary. Love to all the angels.

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