spatially challenged

Anyone remember having to take those standardized tests in high school where you have 20 problems to do in 7 minutes and they all involve imagining a folded up piece of paper with holes punched in it?  You then would have to (mentally) unfold the paper and pick whether choice A, B, C, or D best represents the pattern you’d get.  Well, I bombed that part of the test every time.  I totally, completely lack that special spatial ability.  So, it was with great trepidation that we began the Paper City Project.

Little w. had been playing with Dixie cups (which were initially called “Health Kups“–a good marketing name change, I think) and making them into unusual and probably ineffective water towers.  Then, he commented that we needed buildings made out of paper too–specifically the toy store on Ninth St., The Regulator, and maybe a cafe where mama could get a “caffochino.”

Being a good mama, we busted out the construction paper (aptly named for once) and here is what we created:


Please note the complete lack of scale in this town; it appears to be simultaneously inhabited by both giants and Polly Pocket.  Not surprisingly, a fire station was the first building that I had to make, and w. promptly made orange “flames” so that the fire department had something to do.  The next addition to our village once we get all of our city permits in order?  The swimming pool at the Y.



  1. Mike + Linda said

    Good crafting! I like the earlier constructed space rocket in the background. Let’s hope it’t not set to blast off anytime soon. I would hate to see your little town blown to smithereens by the blast.

  2. eluet said

    Good point. You’d think NASA would move the launch pad to a less populated area.

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