always something over here

Here in Plan City, the train engineers seem to have a lot of trouble navigating the descent from the bridge.  Today a minor derailment brought two fire engines, the chief’s truck, and an ambulance to the site.  The police car was late as it had been temporarily waylaid by a little sister.


I’m not super keen on little w. constructing these accident scenes, but I’ve come to realize that these tableaus aren’t scenes of destruction for him.  Rather, he derails a train or jackknifes a semi because he wants to reenact the rescue side of it with the responders racing to the scene.  He wants to make the help arrive and (as best he can) to reestablish order to his little city.  While I like the look and design of his little play world, I lack the imagination or stamina for it.  Not only does he set out all of the trains and people so exactingly, but he also narrates the action the entire time.  Little does he know the insight that he is giving me into his world…


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