salads for everyone!

Just when we started making our own salad dressing (very high tech it is too) along came Harris Teeter’s Buy Two Bottles of Salad Dressing, Get Three Free! Sale.


I sat there (OK, stood there) in the aisle just reading the card over and over.  That doesn’t make any sense.  BOGO has a nice ring to it but BTGT?  I’m very leery of grocery promotions and coupons mainly because they tend to be for the overprocessed foods, and we are trying to get away from that.  Also, we have no pantry space to speak of so whatever we store has to be something that I know we’ll definitely consume and not save for the next hurricane that rips through the piedmont.  Anyway, after way too many math calculations, I expertly deduced that each bottle would be $.90 and then little e. had a blast banging the glass bottles against the shopping cart.  Everyone was happy.

As a result, we have a nice assortment of Ken’s Salad Dressing over here at our house.  Bring your naked lettuce my way, and I’ll be happy to dress it for you.



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  1. Amy said

    yet another occasion where having an accountant dad has come in handy!

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