smoothie helper

Around these parts we love ourselves a good smoothie–a little yogurt, banana, strawberries, touch of honey.  Little w. decided that he wanted to help his daddy make an extra special smoothie last night and got out all of the important ingredients.


Introducing from left to right, our tasty ingredients:  Italian salad dressing, plain yogurt, brown mustard, butter (from a local dairy, thank you), applesauce, lime juice, and half and half.

Who’s lining up for a taste of this one?  I’m hard pressed to think of anything else that he could have added that would make you more likely to throw up when you ingest this drink.  Hot sauce maybe?  This lineup truly looks like something that 11 year old boys would drink on a triple dog dare during a sleepover party.  Little w. should take notes–this concoction could come in handy some day.



  1. Amy said

    Wow! Quite the recipe! I think the lime juice AND the italian dressing together is just too much. What would Bittman say?

  2. eluet said

    Too much acid.

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