laundry time, puzzle time

The laundry has piled up over here again as I have slacked off the last couple of days.  Answer me this:  how can a family of four generate a load of laundry a day?  Who’s dropping their dirty socks and towels off at our house?

Anyway, every now and then there’s an item of clothing that I have to check the tag on–do I dry this?  Wash it inside out, upside down with special soap made from the tears of unicorns?  Nine times out of ten, however, I am stumped.  I don’t know what that little triangle means, and I have no idea how hot 40 degrees is.  And what about that box with a circle in it?  Clearly I fell asleep when laundry pictograms was taught in 7th grade Home Ec.

But to the rescue has ridden this handy laundry chart with more permutations that I would have ever thought imaginable.  Now, if I don’t follow the directions, it’s not out of ignorance but just plain laziness and general disregard for my appearance.


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  1. Amy said

    laundry soap from the tears of unicorns?? Bet it’s at Whole Foods…..

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