who does that?

Dear Durham Co. Public Library Patron,

In light of the Somali pirates and their increasingly brazen actions of late, I suppose that we should all stop disneyfying pirates, but good grief, my fellow Durhamite!  While I will freely admit that the book has many problems (not the least of which is its un-environmental message), who do you think you are getting to rewrite Margaret Wise Brown’s The Diggers? Since when do we get to write in our library books and make editorial suggestions?  If that were the case, I would have rewritten about half of my son’s fire truck and train books already.  I understand that you might not want your child to read about pirates stealing, but for the love of a locopop, YOUR KID CAN’T READ YET BECAUSE IF HE COULD, YOU WOULDN’T BE STUCK READING A BOOK ABOUT DIGGING!  Change the words around on your own and keep your sharpie pen and your editorial suggestions to yourself.

Thank you,


ps-Next time you feel compelled to change the words in a picture book, have the decency to replace it with a phrase with the same number of syllables.   It really eats at me.




  1. Amy said

    hahahah! Sorry about my poem, never really good at haiku…………

  2. eluet said

    Cinquains were your thing, right?

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