it was just a matter of time


When this is just a mere sampling of the library books that your son checks out, perhaps the call to 9-1-1 doesn’t actually seem so shocking.  Yesterday we were in Raleigh at the grandparents’ house for a yard sale (unloaded $60 worth of junk, thank you), and little w. and his cousin were upstairs playing.  Cousin yelled down the stairs, “Grammy!  w. is calling 9-1-1.  Is that ok?”  I went upstairs and sure enough little w. is standing there with the phone in his hand.  I said, “Hello?”  And sure enough again, a calm, reassuring, professional voice said, “9-1-1.  What’s your emergency?” Embarrassed, I  apologized for my son and hung up.

For months now, little w. has been on a fire and rescue kick and while we haven’t told him about 9-1-1, I guess he has picked up on it from his mountains of books about emergency calls.  Over at our house, we don’t have a landline, so the phone isn’t quite as accessible–and a good thing for us!  I bet the fines for falsely calling 9-1-1 could rack up rather quickly for little w.


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