airing our laundry

Come One, Come All –
Get Ready to Save Energy and Money this Spring

What: Clothesline display and information
Where: Oval Park
When: Next Sat, April 25th 10-12
Who: Brought to you by Watts Busters

I have to say, I quite like the fact that our neighborhood is having a seminar on how to dry your laundry.  I expect, however, the topic of how to keep pollen from settling on your sheets and making you sneeze even more to be covered in depth.

If this topic isn’t addressed, perhaps this website with its useful tidbits might be of help.

I particularly like the “Did you know…” section that informs me that clotheslines can save money and that the sun is good for my skin.  I think, however, that we could come up with a few even more insightful tidbits to add to the list.

  • Did you know that sheets on clotheslines make excellent hiding places for small children?
  • Did you know that clothespins leave crazy marks on your shirt when your husband snaps them shut right in the middle of your blouse?
  • Did you know that birds like to congregate on clotheslines?
  • Did you know that it doesn’t feel good when you run into a clothesline?

And so on…


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