west end wine bar almost here in durham

Tonight W. and I decided to capitalize on the fact that the kids were in Raleigh with the grandparents by having an early dinner at Toast.  We relaxed at a table outside in the shade, not humid yet and no bugs to speak of–almost a Portland summer day.  After the last goat cheese, honey, and cracked black pepper crostini was devoured, we decided to stroll up to West Village to check out the progress on the West End Wine Bar.  Like the raccoons that we are, the shiny metal tables on the patio drew us in, but, alas, the bar will not be opening until Thursday or Friday pending the pick up of a liquor license in Raleigh.  The very kind owner, however, invited us in to take a peek at the new space.  The wood and brick interior had been glammed up and an upstairs seating area constructed (W. was already picking out which seat would be prime real estate in his book).  After nosing around the interior, signing up for a membership to The Cellar, and chatting up the owners who most definitely had better things to do than small talk us, we took our leave.  Here’s looking forward to a morning cappuccino on the patio or a night with the girls around a table upstairs!


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