seriously, people

Admittedly, as a mama who has worn her babies proudly in slings and in the ergo, I am biased, but this latest evaluation by Consumer Reports of  baby products has me shaking my head.

Some items aren’t surprising–bath seats and crib bumpers are always criticized, and I can’t imagine that the fine folks at CR condone cosleeping, so why would they like a cosleeper?  But the one that I just find irritating is warning parents to avoid using slings because of serious harm including “skull fractures, head injuries, contusions and abrasions.” Come on.  I bet these same parents who are letting their kids fall out of slings onto cement floors are probably the same ones that don’t buckle up their kids when they put them in strollers too.  Yeesh.  It does take a certain amount of spatial awareness to wear a baby in a sling.  Whenever I was in a busy store with a babe in the sling, I would put my hand over the head so that I wouldn’t bump the noggin into something sharp, but to warn people away from using slings based on that is just silly.

I suspect that Consumer Reports had four items for their list of “Products Not to Buy for Your Baby” and just wanted to make it a better number.  So, might I make an editorial suggestion for product #5?  I think that one of the most potentially harmful baby devices would have to be the infant car seat carrier.  While infant car seats have their uses, there is a great potential for harm especially when the parents don’t display common sense and misuse them.  When parents leave their babies in these car seat carriers for too long, this dangerous piece of baby equipment  can result in flat head, lack of attachment due to lack of contact with a parent, and irreparable damage to the mother’s spinal alignment and overall posture.  There.  Now you have five.



  1. Amy said

    What about when people leave those car seat carriers perched precariously atop grocery store carts? Then they leave said baby in said deathtrap and wander down to the dairy aisle,oblivious!

  2. eluet said

    Thank you! Perhaps every American baby ought to be outfitted for a protective helmet at birth. Problem solved then, right?

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