this is what a childless day yields

After enough measurement and spatial sense exertion to last me a year, here is what our back deck now looks like.  Paying me back amply for the hours I invested in this tedious undertaking, little w. looks at my, uh, masterpiece, and states, “Why did you think that would look good?”  Thanks.



  1. Amy said

    OOOOOH!! I love it! Now, just grab that CB@ catalogue and get some cool New Yawk furniture and you’ll be set!@ can’t wait for cocktails on the deck!

  2. grammy said

    The deck looks amazing -can’t imagine how you got it done with all your lil w&e “help.” I think the Broder trucks would look great on that highway and little e can wheel her stroller round the meditaion maze. Congratulations on a job well done! We will look forward to that drink with Amy there on Sat!!

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