another sign of summertime

is seeing vinho verde in the wine stores.  The Wine Authorities in Durham is a very fine wine shop with very fine employees who don’t bat an eye when you answer their question of “What does your friend like to drink?  What is she like?” with the response, “I dunno.  She likes red and she kind of insane.”  Anyway, they are in the warm weather mood with their spritzy-wine sale and their description of their Saturday event made me smile:

This Saturday, from noon ’til 3:00, learn for free, and come taste before you buy.

It’s a Spritz tasting this week. All these wines have a little natural gas, just like us. Another sign of spring and summer – wines with a touch of CO2 at bottling just make us smile.

(DAILY WINE – $11.99 or less)
“Fuzelo” Vinho Verde 2008
(Vinho Verde, Portugal)

Fuzelo is a flower and this Vinho Verde is like lying on a bed of flowers tickling your back. You’ll giggle, you’ll smile, you’ll empty your glass. The light spritz is a fun way to drink and keep the apple/pear/citrus flavors alive with every sip. The slightly lower alcohol means even the light-weight drinkers will have fun. The next time you picnic or visit a friend for dinner, bring a “bouquet of Fuzelos.”

Love the line about the light-weight drinkers, too.  Everyone I know seems to pass out naturally about 9 pm these days, so a glass of wine is seldom advised, but here is our summertime solution!


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  1. Amy said

    You know how much I love some natural gas in my wine…and what a lightweight I am! I got 3 bottles at TJ’s the other day that are ready for a party!

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