bocce in the backyard

Today little w. and I decided to enjoy the late afternoon sun and play a little bocce. He surprisingly surrended the little yellow pallino (with yellow being his favorite color, I didn’t think he was going to toss the ball), and we were off.

Kinder 001

A couple of the rules bear remedial attention–he tried to roll my balls out of his way, and he tried to wildly heave his ball up into the air (poor form, I’d say).  We’ll have to work on those parts.

Playing bocce with little w. reminded me of the North Park Blocks in Portland, a quiet, leafy stretch of street near Powell’s Books.  B.K. (Before Kids), we played bocce there with some friends in this serene, slightly melancholic setting. What a decadent activity, I think now–standing around, chatting, idly playing a game all on a Sunday afternoon.

Another reason why I have such fond memories of these bocce courts is that they were directly across from one of our favorite restaurants in Portland, Park Kitchen. On a warm summer day when the doors of the restaurant were wide open, you couldn’t beat the view of people strolling along the edge of this lush green setting, the clink of bocce balls, and the cries of kids on the playground.

Apparently, bocce in Portland is alive and well with the Portland Bocce League springing back into action after a winter hiatus.  If anyone in Portland has the interest, a spare $150, and desire to squat like the man on their website, the league is taking applications.


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  1. Mike + Linda said

    Looking forward to challenging little w. to a lively game on our next visit.

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