reflections on a graduation

I have known many fine Duke affiliated people, and I am thrilled that they have enjoyed and finished up their studies, but to all of the little undergraduates who have been tromping through my town over the past few days, it’s time for you to pack up and go home.  And take all of your family with you.  We’ve had enough of your breaking down the socio-economic dynamics of our city in front of us, and we’ve had enough of your sleeveless sundresses that defy logic and ought to be slipping down.  And we’ve had enough of your wearing beat up running shoes with your suits–what is that all about?

In this spirit, I’d like to offer all of the 22-year old graduates a little graduation advice carefully gleaned from my 12 years of gainful and un-gainful employment.

#1.  People are going to stop caring where you went to school.

#2.  It’s time to stop wearing your pajama pants out in public.

#3.  Living in a dorm room with a bathroom down the hall is infinitely preferable to having to talk with HVAC guys about having to buy a new heating/cooling system.  Stop talking about the cool condo that you just bought when you are out in public.  It can annoy people who are around you.

#4.  Life most definitely becomes better after college, but you will quickly find yourself having previously unimaginable conversations with your friends about things like IRAs and fuel pumps.  Welcome to the other side.


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