but what happened to the spaghetti?

We made a delicious spaghetti on Tuesday night out of some tasty sausage from our CSA.  We divided the leftovers into two containers–one for Will to take to work and one for me.  I forgot to eat mine on Wednesday, and Will noticed it in the fridge and chastised me.  I said, “Well, don’t worry.  I’ll remember to eat it tomorrow.”

After a trip to the Y today and a stroll around the burgeoning Central Park downtown, I started to really look forward to that bowl of spaghetti.  “Ah, I’ll make a salad out of our abundant greens in the fridge and then enjoy my spaghetti,” I thought.  But, wait!  I open up the refrigerator, and this is what I see:


That’s right.  No spaghetti but plenty of pickles.  Somehow, my lunch hitched a ride to Chapel Hill today.  Not that I’m bitter…

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