missing pink bear haiku

Apparently some little child lost his stuffed bear, and the poetic mother posted on our neighborhood listserv looking for the bear:

the bear she is gone
on the path round englewood
or club boulevard

The following haikus were then written by various people in the neighborhood in response to the original poem:

Honeybees tell me
your bear is lost, but they lie,
buzzing the clover.


Honeybees tell tales
bear sleeping still in wet grass
among mosquitoes


West Club bears are odd.
My bear hibernates each spring
due to allergies.


Odder and odder
This listserv of ours becomes.
Love it or leave it.


What bear art thou
to which we refer
so strangely?

My inbox is thus
no longer interested
soon to block WHHNA.

What on earth is this thread about?


Indeed, that’s quite so.
So many flame wars abound.
When in doubt, delete.

Far too much freetime

on these leafy quiet streets

frustrated poets.


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