visit to ninth st

Today the highlight of our stroll down 9th street had to be the new Bruder catalog at the Toy Store.  Pathetic, I know. We go into the store, browse around, and beat a hasty retreat with toy catalogs tucked smartly under our arms.  As a result, we had to try out just about every bench on the street.

Bench #1, next to an old lady who complimented me on how well-behaved “both of my daughters” were.

Kinder 001

Bench #2, outside of the tattoo parlor.  Says little w, “What are those people doing to themselves in there?”  I respond, “They are getting little pictures on their arms.” Replies little w, “Oh, a tattoo, just like Sue!”

Kinder 008

Rock Star absconds with my sunglasses.  Now I get that old lady’s comment.

Kinder 010


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