something new under the sun

Over the last three years, we have probably gone to the Museum of Life and Science at least twice a month, which means that we’ve been there about 40 times or so.  It’s gotten so bad that I can tell when they’ve gotten new stock in the gift shop.  It’s gotten so bad that one of the women who works there chats me up when we run into each other at the grocery.

This weekend, however, we discovered a new corner of the museum that may or may not have been there all along.  I can’t really tell.  Near the big boats, the puffer, and the podshooter (not my own terms), we came across the peaceful little Mist Garden.  The kids had a spectacular time setting up the blocks to make a skyscraper and watching the plants being enveloped by mist.

Kinder 045

Kinder 040

And here is my personal favorite sign from the museum trip last weekend because if you have ever seen this particular hog, you’d know that it is far from the picture of health even in the best of circumstances:

Kinder 023


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