mmmm, how fabulous do these look???


OK, not so pretty, but they taste goooood.  Really good.  Little w. and I have made these peanut butter balls twice already in the past five days.  His favorite part is probably rolling them around in the sprinkles, but my favorite part is how much they taste like the ones that Darcy and I used to make in the summertime when Mom was at work.  We were allowed to make anything that we wanted to provided that it didn’t involve the oven, can openers, or sharp knives.  As a result, we became adept at cooking scrambled eggs in the microwave and feasting on such divine dishes as Cubed Cheddar Cheese with Croutons Liberally Drizzled with French Dressing.  Peanut butter balls were a huge culinary step forward.

For those of you at home who can’t wait to make this delicacy for yourselves, here’s our complicated recipe:

1 c. peanut butter

1 c. powdered milk

1/2 c. honey

Mix.  Roll into balls.  Roll balls in sprinkles, nuts, cocoa powder, hot sauce, mustard, what have you.  Refrigerate the suckers–they taste MUCH better firmer and cold.


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