my gastronomic nightmare

I go to the grocery for five minutes, and I come home to this sight:

Kinder 002

Disgusting.  Next thing I know the kids are going to be eating mustard and other vile condiments on their sandwiches. Our local newspaper, in a display of lazy journalism, has “proven” the popularity of certain causes by citing how many facebook followers they have.  In this vein, I have completed exhaustive research and can report that there are over 21 different facebook groups solely dedicated to discussing how repulsive pickles are.  Clearly, I am not alone in my revulsion to this food.



  1. Amy said

    I had no idea your revulsion went this far. i really do think little E should have been a Gillian…………………..

  2. eluet said

    My opinions on the subject of pickles are tame compared to some of the vitriol on the facebook pages!

  3. Lee said

    Whoohooo! That is the “Lee” in Eloise Lee Luetzow coming out. Next stop–olives!

    • eluet said

      That’s not even funny and you know it.

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