mama, coming to the beach was the best idea you never had

Gotta love being able to take credit for something that you didn’t plan and just jumped on at the last minute.  Still, I’m so glad the kids are liking the beach and getting along (mostly) with their cousins.

Driving down to Pine Knoll Shores on The Crystal Coast (who knew it had a special moniker?) yesterday, the kids were found to be questioning, “I didn’t know it could rain sideways!”  That being said, it didn’t stop little w. from playing on the beach with Grammy and Bapa in the rain, pausing only to wipe his scraggly, wet hair out of his eyes.  Today, however, was amazing, and many sand castles, moats, and “cookies” with sand sprinkles were made.  Little w. even went into the water until he declared that the big wave that went over him was an “Antarctica wave.”  (Note to self, work on his geography…)  Little e. vastly preferred lounging in a chair, watching her cousins play, and eating goldfish crackers.

Everyone keeps worrying about Will having to be at work, but I bet he’s just fine hanging out with his coworkers after work and watching copious amounts of the French Open (god bless the Tennis Channel).

Up next tomorrow:  Fort Macon, which looks strangely and uncomfortably Pentagon-like in this photo.


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  1. Amy said

    Antartica wave..little W’s been watching too much news about global warming, I’d say!

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