mama, i want to move here and live here forever

Apparently, the beach was a hit.  Many, many snacks later, a pit stop at Wilber’s Barbecue in Goldsboro (go Lutherans!)  and discussions of what crop was growing in the field off of Highway 70 near Kinston and why someone would grow that and who’s going to eat it and how they would cook it, we made it back to Durham.

Asking little w. what his favorite part of the trip was is challenging as his favorites tend to be rather fleeting and fickle.  The nature lessons at the sound were one of the highlights for the kids:

Kinder 052

One morning from this dock, we snacked on our cereal and watched four beautiful white egrets wading in the sound looking for their own breakfasts.


And then there was the game of “Find That Crab!” as we peered into every shell we could find, looking for marine life before placing it back in the sound.

For little w. the beach was his favorite spot.

Kinder 115

No, he hasn’t lost a contact lens, but he is attempting to do his surf-worshipping push ups.

Kinder 112

And little e. may look like she’s enjoying the sand, but it was a mere footnote to the true highlight of her trip to the Crystal Coast…


Kinder 121

Kinder 125

And lastly, a sight we saw far too little of during the past few days:

Kinder 048


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