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is it possible to have lunchbox envy?

If so, I think I may have it for this product.  I really like the stainless steel look, and I have to admit that the magnets look like fun.  Little w. will be starting preschool in the fall (a whole two days a week), and he will need his Very First Lunchbox, a decision that I completely invested in.  In addition to the Planet Box, this bento style box has been in the running as well as Crocodile Creek’s firetruck bag (of course).

It’s like the first day of school all over again…


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would you like a cup of tea?

Well, would you?  Little w. created the special blend out of random produce found in the strainer basket in the sink.  Yum all around.


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bread success!

I no longer need Amy to feed my bread habit as I have emancipated myself.  Behold, my finished product!


Perhaps a little too much flour dusting the top to earn a true “artisan” label, but it was ridiculously easy to make and is the gift that keeps on giving as a huge container of dough remains in the fridge.  I’ve only attempted the “Master Recipe,” but it appears that it’s a whole new world of grain products out there (including healthier options–ugh).

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a durham sky

Last Friday Meg, fresh from a long day of classes, joined us for an evening in downtown Durham.  I’m sure that she has fond memories of her mushroom loaded crostini at Toast and her wine on the patio of the West End Wine Bar.  My loveliest memory of the evening, however, might have to be her and her brother repeatedly marveling at the evening sky with its boldly outlined clouds hogging the the western skyline.

kinder 031

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catlike reflexes

I once got a cockroach with a Rachel Ray magazine, but I think President Obama has me beat.

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little newsboy

In our never-ending commitment to civic life in Durham, we have undertaken the enormous volunteer task of delivering our neighborhood newsletter to the homes on Delaware and Pennsylvania Avenues every couple of months. Now that the kids are older, they have gotten into the game of being newspaper delivery guys more fully.

Before we leave the house to complete our route, little w. dons the appropriate bag (if you were a 1950s schoolboy with a paper route you complete on foot, I suppose).

kinder 027

His devotion to the task, however, cannot be overstated.  Check out that hustle!

kinder 022

Sorry to everyone who got a soggy newsletter;  we’re working on having him put them in a less exposed spot…

kinder 021

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central park day

One of our favorite activities to do is to go on walks.  This past weekend, the kids and I had been dropped off  at Central Park in downtown Durham, and we decided to walk home because, as little w. said, “When you walk home, you see all sorts of stuff that you never notice in the car!” And here’s what we noticed:

kinder 036

kinder 039

kinder 045

kinder 047

kinder 050

kinder 055

kinder 056

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