more bubble trouble

That children enjoy bubbles is no surprise to most parents.  Nothing captivates a child more than the 45 year old man sporting rainbow striped knee high socks at the music festival while wielding an impressively sized bubble wand.  Children will flock around this Pied Piper as he creates geodesic domes that bounce off of the grass and explode in the faces of surprised toddlers.

Little e. is in love with bubbles right now, or more accurately, she is in love with spotting bubbles in her world.  At the beach, she was scared of the ocean until she noticed the bubbles that the crashing waves left behind–then she couldn’t get enough of standing in the surf and scooping up the water in her hands.

At Fort Macon, she watched as her brother and cousins scaled the “bubble pile.”

Kinder 088

And at Duke Gardens the other evening, little e. found her latest batch of bubbles on the stone carving near the wisteria arbor.

Kinder 015

Apparently, it’s an effervescent world that we live in.


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