For the past few days, little w. has been playing solely with his legos.  After traveling with a mere plastic cup of pieces, his heart soared when he saw his big box of legos again at home.  Rest assured, w. was not lego deprived during the entire trip.  Legoland at Mall of America provided a useful diversion while other people shopped:

Kinder 033

At home, he has carefully applied his skills and created a variety of “sculptures.”

The unsurprising fire truck:

Kinder 259

The centaur-like man with the glowing blue spray:

Kinder 254

And this whirlygig of a structure, reminiscent of the folk art at the Visionary Art Museum or something that the holdout farmer who refuses to sell his land to a subdivision developer might be creating in his barn:

Kinder 256

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