would you like a glass of whine?

Hot off the presses from the neighborhood listserv:

On major holidays (Txgving, Christmas, Easter) my parents used to let
me and my sibling have a tiny glass of wine (about a shot glass or two
from my mom’s antique crystal collection). If anyone thinks this was
immoral, I will gladly bash your head in because you probably deserve it.

I’m not exactly sure what this post related to anymore as the discussion thread was lost so, so long ago.  However, I find it to be an excellent response due to its finality and self-assuredness.



  1. I would like to bash people in the head too when they think wine is somehow immoral. It’s an amazing beverage that brings people together.

  2. Amy said

    um, wow. Why?

    • eluet said

      I didn’t write the bashing in/wine post on the listserv–someone else did!! I’m just admiring the carefully channeled vitriol expressed.

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