a.p. english flashbacks

Standing in the Mountain Park library’s reference section (OK, reference nook.  OK, reference shelf), I was instantly transported back to senior year of high school complete with that empty pit feeling in my stomach most likely due to having forgotten to look up some literary criticism of The Sun Also Rises that is due tomorrow. 

Casting off that flashback, I retreated to the juvenile section where my son and my mom were reading nonfiction books about Yellowstone Park and Humvees (both topics not in the same book but two different books.  I do like the idea of how best to incorporate those two subjects into one book though.  Perhaps the Humvee parks on top of a geyser that sends it erupting 75 feet into the sky and catapults it out of the park?)

Anyway, I started scanning a list of Mystery Books for Intermediate Readers, and my favorite book from my middle school years jumped out at me:  Ellen Raskin’s The Westing Game.  Oh, how I loved that book when I was younger.  I loved the motley collection of characters, and I adored the plot twists and turns.  Much to my great annoyance, however, some pimply little Gwinnettians have had the audacity to check out all of the copies of this book from the county library system.  And there is even a wait list of FOUR names for this 1979 classic (which was also made into a movie, a fact that I did not know).  I guess I will have to wait until I get back to Durham to pick this one up from the library as well as my other childhood favorite, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler(which was also checked out in Lilburn though no wait list had formed).  Perhaps I should get darling husband to go ahead and get if for me from the Durham Library…


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  1. Amy said

    Loved the Mixed up Files!

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