swimming in style

So this is the kind of swimming pool that we are used to:


It’s nice and quiet and fun.

But imagine the kids’ amazement when we stepped into this:

kinder 097 (2)

The Mountain Park Outdoor Leisure Play Pool was not a pool but a water playground complete with two waterslides, a lazy river, and a play structure with a small slide.  Crazy.  People in Georgia apparently take their summertime swimming very seriously.  Upon arriving at the swim center, we were carefully interrogated on the diapering of little e.  (Did she have a swim diaper on?  Did we need to purchase a plastic cover to put over the said swim diaper?)

The Outdoor Leisure Play Pool did not disappoint.  In fact, the kids didn’t know where to start.  Splash in the zero entry beach side?  Float along the lazy river with mama?  Spin around in circles with happiness?

After much indecision, little w. decided that he liked the little slide best except for all of the spray and erupting spouts that one had to brave to get to the top.

kinder 086 (2)

And neither of the kids liked these buckets that would fill up with water and then dump out their liquid loads on an unsuspecting person below.

kinder 085 (2)

When it was time to go, neither child was prepared for how hard it would be to say goodbye to the waterland fun park and head back to the boring old plain vanilla swimming pools of Durham.

kinder 102 (2)



  1. amy said

    Please don’t use the term “liquid load” when referring to anything about swimming pools……..No wonder they interrogated you about those diapers!

  2. eluet said

    Hey, we got rubber pants now. We’re good to swim anywhere!

  3. Jen said

    I’ve always eyed that outdoor play area every time I’ve gone to swim laps @ the Mtn Park pool. Next time we go home to see grandpa, I’m sure we’ll check it out. But here’s what gets me… even though it’s bloody hot in GA (hot enough to swim, anyway) for at least 5 or 6 months out of the year, it seems that they only open up that kid area for about 6 weeks. What the heck?
    Glad it did not disappoint. 🙂

    • eluet said

      My kids had a great time but they have notoriously low standards in life, which is a trait that I have been actively cultivating. They are quite content in a kiddie pool in a backyard, they haven’t yet realized that you can put a quarter in the helicopter thing at the mall and it will “take off,” and they almost cried with joy the time they scored a bite of cheescake in the free sample station at Trader Joe’s. Cheap thrills around this place.

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