blueberry time

Last week we finally got our collective act together and headed out to Cedar Grove Blueberry Farm (formerly Philoxenia and before that Blueberry Hill and before that probably something else…)  My eager pickers groused and moaned the length of Hwy 86, but we reached the farm quite early in the morning for us.  In seasons past, I’ve never taken the kids by myself and never during the week.  While the farm was far from overcrowded with pickers, the people that were there were 98% moms and kids.  In fact, when I finally heard an adult male voice from over yonder, I jumped.  What a strange sound!

Little w. proved to be an able assistant.  I would show him where the low hanging fruit was, and he went to town picking it and putting it (kerplink, kerplank, kerplop) into his red bucket.  Little e. didn’t get it at all, or that is to say, she got it all too well.  Nary a berry made it into her pail; she chose to feed herself straight off the bush, but she did understand that the red or green berries were to remain on the bushes ( a slight accomplishment, I suppose).

Kinder 006

As we only picked 6 pounds and as the kids did so great, I think we’ll be headed back there again this week if anyone feels that they need a little berry action as well.



  1. Amy said

    Did you weigh Els before and after the picking and add it to your total? I’d love to go picking soon, too!

  2. eluet said

    It’s on the honor system to pay, so I threw in a couple extra bucks to make up for the on-site consumption of my offspring.

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