oh my, now that’s impressive

Drawing back the curtains in the dining room to let the late afternoon sunshine in, I noticed a truly spectacular cobweb forming between the window and the curtain rod.


Ignore the dirty moulding and popcorn sprayed ceiling if you can (I know, it’s hard) and just focus on the stringy beauty that is the Dining Room Cobweb.  What I like best about this gracefully arcing cobweb is that it had the self awareness to embrace its best trait and go with it.  This cobweb is impressive because it’s very long.  It wasn’t focusing on covering sheer acreage or attempting to hide in some utterly unreachable corner.  It’s the long distance runner of the cobweb world, pushing itself to the limits.

I also like how my feathery friend attempts to be mobile as well.  The northern reach of  the cobweb is tethered to the curtain rod while the other end is attached to the curtain itself.  When one pulls the curtain open or closed, the cobweb performs a lovely series of calisthenics as it stretches its arms wide and then brings them back to its torso (wherever that would be).  This cobweb is a cobweb of substance, not particularly fine or delicate but one that is made to weather a storm or at least the air conditioning vent that is located directly below it and spewing forth blessedly cool air (Thank you, Mechanical Man) almost constantly in the 90 heat bath that is the South in the summer.  I know that cobwebs are something to flail against as at some point a spider did create them, but I think I shall let this lovely, stringy, lengthy sample remain to dance again another day.


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  1. Amy said

    You are just too lazy to clean…it’s why I like you.

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