through a preschooler’s eyes

This is what you get when your child decides that he skilled enough to use your camera without any assistance–

Our Trip to Foster’s Market in Durham

Chapter 1:  Footwear

Kinder 045

Kinder 047

Kinder 071

Chapter 2:  A few of his favorite things

Kinder 056

Kinder 057

Kinder 063

OK, so that last picture is  a bit of wishful thinking on my part, but a mama and a sister ought to be among a kid’s favorite things (if a U-Haul and Sigg bottles are to also be counted).

Chapter 3:  Setting the scene

Kinder 061

Kinder 086

Deleted from this photodocumentary spread were the 31 pictures of crabgrass that were taken this evening. Crabgrass is never, ever that interesting.  Photos of aluminum water bottles–fascinating.  Crabgrass–Dullsville.


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