artichokes everywhere

Aside from tossing some artichoke hearts into a pasta every now and then, I can honestly say that I have had little experience with an actual artichoke.  I have never bought one and have probably never actually touched one.

This may all change, however, with my children’s obsession with Scott Mickelson’s book Artichoke Boy.


After checking this book out of the library, we have probably read the story of a boy who is surrounded by all things artichokey a dozen times.  The kids totally get the hilariousness of having an artichoke derriere and a sister named Kelly who has an artichoke belly.  The main character’s differently colored eyes do freak me out a bit, but the kids don’t seem to mind the artichoke family’s heterochromia.  All things considered, this book has been a welcome addition to our storytimes and a blessed change of pace from books on volcanoes and firehouses.


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