summer reading list–it’s not too late!

The other day on NPR, they were discussing great children’s books that all kids should read.  Well, I fall mightily short on this list, though I’d probably do better on the high school student’s recommended reading.

Here are the books that I remember reading over and over and over again:

little house

  • Oh, the Little House on the Prairie books!  How I read you until your bindings cracked!  And now you can take a quiz online to determine which Little House girl you are like (I’m a Martha or Caroline??  Who was Martha?  Did I miss that book?)
  • Trixie Belden mysteries (I never could understand why my neighborhood was so boring and why no one referred to my hair as either honey-colored or sandy.)
  • Nancy Drew, of course.  Can anyone else name her two best friends?


  • OK, so this book cover doesn’t look at all dated, but I reread Hail, Hail Camp Timberwood dozens of times in the 5th grade.  Sadly, my parents never sent me to overnight camp for the summer, so I never got to experience the end-of-camp dance.
  • And almost anything by Paula Danzinger.  I really liked her and can remember laughing and laughing while reading her books.

I can’t help but get excited when I see my kids poring over picture books during long car trips.  I hope, however, that my kids are less pathetic than I was at age 12 and don’t pack 18 books in their bags when they go on trips because they are scared that they just might run out of reading material.  If only someone had told me that Wisconsin had bookstores…


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