take the kiddos bowling, take them bowling

It was a sweltering August day; even by 9:30 you had already dissolved into a puddle of your base mineral makeup with no hope of being reconstituted into a solid form in sight.  To preserve our sanity, we decided to take the kiddos bowling.

After calling around to places that had the most bowling aids (ramps and bumpers), we made the trip over to Mardi Gras in Chapel Hill.  First of all, let it be said that this place was not the bowling alley of my formative years. Admittedly, it was 11:00 in the morning which is not an hour that I have ever bowled at before, but this place was clean.  Startling clean.  No smoking inside and the decor curiously matched little e’s outfit–all lavender and mint green.

And if one needed further proof that almost anything is cuter when it is minature, check out these kicks:

Kinder 012 (2)

I mean, you have to have a heart as hard as a bowling ball (we used six pounders when we bowled) not to find little e’s size seven shoes pretty cute.

The kids took their bowling pretty seriously.  Little w. sized up his lane before each frame though technique really didn’t come into play for any of the kids.

Kinder 016 (2)

Kinder 028 (2)

The ramp paid off handsomely as the kids’ balls achieved amazing speeds–check out the mph at the bottom of the screen below:

Kinder 025 (2)

Yes, that says 5.47 mph, and yes, it took a long time to bowl a whole game.  The kids did tire of flinging heavy balls down ramps by the end of it and had to celebrate with a “lollipop cheerst” on the way home.  A successful outing for all.

Kinder 035


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