which generation?

Kinder 226

Playing in the baby doll aisle at Target, we came across this sweet little dolly with the unusual name.  No, the name wasn’t some marketing creation, but it was a throwback to an era long ago:  Sally.  Now, I have no beef with the name Sally; in fact, I know quite a few very fine Sallys.  My complaint with this name is that the doll is part of the “Our Generation” line of babies.  In keeping with this theme of dolls for the modern generation, the creators of this toy thought really hard about a name that would capture the zeitgeist, and the name they came up with is…Sally.  Really?   A name of “Our Generation?”

While I’m all for naming your child something unusual or perhaps a throwback name, the fine folks at the Social Security Adminstration are helpful and like to keep us up to date on trends in baby names.  In fact, if one was stumped and couldn’t come up with a popular name or a name that summed up the current generation of little girls, you could check out their list for a couple of ideas.  Not surprising for anyone who has set foot on a playground lately, the most popular girls names in 2008 were as follows:   Emma, Isabella, Emily, Madison, and Ava.  Strangely, Sally was not among this list.  In fact, according to the reliable research of the folks at quickbabynames.com (“Quick!  We name a baby name!”), Sally’s heyday was in the 1940s when she peaked at #65.

Oh, Sally—“Princess. Old Testament name – wife of the patriarch Abraham. A lovely name that has remained fashionable and popular since the 16th century.”  It’s still a nice name, but probably not truly one of “Our Generation.”

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