punk rock girl

One day after her cousin’s rock ‘n roll birthday party, little e. decided to explore her newly found interest in punk rock.  First of all, she dressed herself in a riot of mismatched patterns and too small clothing.  Then, she wouldn’t let me work out the tangles in her massive bedhead hair but instead actively rubbed her hair trying to add more volume to her already distressed hairdo.  Then, she insisted on wearing her new party favor button all morning:


And then came The Incident.

In a rare burst of industry, I was folding laundry in the dining room while the kids were watercoloring in the other room.  Suddenly w. skids into the room to tattle on his sister–“I told her not to do it, but she didn’t listen to me!” In saunters little e. with streaks of bright blue in her matted mess of white blond hair.

Kinder 049

Who knew that watercolors could be so vibrant?  Not I.  Barely two and she’s already trying to alter her appearance in drastic ways.  I’m doomed.


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