my civic duty

“Some people may call it a ‘duty’ but you should really view it as ‘jury service‘” intones the benign woman on the NC Jury Duty Video.  After two days of sitting in a plastic molded chair with sixty of my new BFFs, I respectfully disagree and declare it to be a duty indeed.

While I had the opportunity to catch up on quite a bit of reading and correspondence, the highlight of my jury duty might just have to have been the swearing in when we all hunched over copies of the Bible that were randomly strewn throughout the room.  As groups of three or four strangers stood in small circles with right hands touching a corner of a Bible and left hands in the air, I held my breath expecting the portkey to whisk us up off the ground and through the air to a grassy field where our friends and families were waiting to play and frolic in the lovely autumn morning.  But after the oath, when I released my breath and reopened my eyes, nothing had changed.  The sad airport terminal chairs still greeted us, the dreary view of the courthouse building across the street still stared at us through the windows.  No magical transportation to an exciting world.  We hurried up and waited and waited and waited….


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