channeling hundertwasser

After whining, “When are we going to leaaaaavvvee this place?” for 10 minutes straight at little e’s PMO open house, w. finally busied himself building this:

Wills pics 166

While I was impressed with his structure because it kept him busy for 20 minutes, I really liked it because it reminded me of Hundertwasser’s Fernwärmewerk in Vienna.


This incinerator in Spittelau is located near the university where I went to class when the professors were not on strike (admittedly, that was seldom that semester), and I would admire it daily.  Same colors as little w’s creation, same bulbous features, maybe not quite as linear as w’s lego structure, but that’s ok.

You have to love a city though that gets an artist with an environmental streak to design a waste incinerator plant and then 40 years later commemorates the event with a self-guided tour through the plant.  I only wish that I had known about it, and we would have been in Vienna this summer.


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