the trouble with a box

Over here in Durham we have been on a baking kick this past month–muffins, cookies, brownies, you name it. And every time I reach into the cabinet for the baking soda, I get annoyed over the useless, unhelpful, and perplexing packaging of The Box.

I know that there are many fine uses for baking soda that do not involve a tablespoon–you can shake a little into your sink and scrub it out, pop a box in the fridge to keep everything smelling lovely, or smear some on your scalp in lieu of shampoo.  But, I’m willing to bet that I am not the only person who chooses to bake with it, so why, why, why do I always end up with a container that looks like this?


Baking powder does not seem to suffer from the same affliction; it comes in a refined tin with a helpful lip for leveling off your spoonful.  Baking soda, however, seems to make a mockery of my desire for clean measurement and thrift.  Just try getting out those last few teaspoons without ending up with baking soda all over the counter or ripping the tender little cardboard flap all to shreds.  Go ahead; I’ll wait.

All I am really asking for here is a little ingredient parity.  Why should I have to buy a special jar in which to decant my baking soda (if one can decant a powder, which I doubt) when I don’t have to do that for my baking powder, salt, cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, etc.?  It’s almost enough to make us stop baking.  Almost.


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