valtimore in our hearts

I like to travel with my kids.  I am sure that I might change my mind the next time that we get stuck in a major traffic jam or stranded overnight in Cincinnati, but as of today, I like to travel with my kids.

Last weekend we drove up to Baltimore (which my son still calls “Valtimore” which reminds me of Harry Potter’s nemesis) for a family wedding.  Unlike previous car trips, we had no refrains of “How much longer is this going to take?”  Aside from near constant demands for snacks and “Wasserflaschen” they largely entertained themselves.  They read books, doodled on whiteboards, and commented on the tractors that they saw and which exit sign we just drove past.  It was really pleasant.

The best thing about traveling about kids though has to be the excuses that they provide.  When you are following a child, you get right up to the edge of the pier and stare into the water.  When a child is your travel companion, you can ride on the crazy looking dragon boats and not feel like you have to make it into an ironic social statement.

Will's pics--baltimore 105

When your daughter is leading the charge, you can easily chat up the man dressed up in period costume at the lighthouse.  When your son is riding on your shoulders, you can proudly let your yellow balloon float over your head as you parade behind the wedding party down the streets of Baltimore.

Will's pics--baltimore 150

And when at the end of a pleasant trip, your son cries that he’s having so much fun in Charm City that he never wants to leave, you can sincerely empathize as you smilingly wipe away his tears because you truly had a splendid time too.


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