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hey there, good looking

I know very little about Sicily–the Mafia and Mt. Etna, and that’s about it.  So, after an NPR recommendation, I breezed through Andrea Camilleri‘s mystery, The Shape of Water which, despite the subtitle of “a novel of food, wine and homicide in small town Sicily” didn’t have that much to do with food, wine or even homicide for that matter.  That being said it was a very fun read, a novel that was truly and completely saturated in its Sicilian setting.

My favorite part of this book, however, might just have to be the author.  For some reason, I just can’t get enough of this guy.  Perhaps it’s because he looks like I imagine some of his characters should look like.  Perhaps it’s the casually dangling cigarette.  Perhaps it’s the slightly menacing fist.  Whatever it is, Mr. Camilleri does not just fade into the back of the dust jacket.





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go with what you know

Apparently it’s Reading Hour at our house!  We busted out the dry erase markers this week, and little w. instructed me that no one was to write on the whiteboard, and I was to write a notice to that effect on the board. Hmmm….

Following the advice of many authors to “write what you know,” here are the sentences that I was fairly confident that my son would be able to read:

Will's pics 004



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i want to believe

Meet little w’s newest obsession:


Firetrucks and planets and even (just briefly, I’m afraid) Dr. Seuss have been shoved aside, and we have jumped headfirst into Bigfoot and “his cousins” as little w. refers to Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman and so on. After patiently waiting for the HVAC guy to come and deem our heating system trustworthy for the fall (and what a hilarious! joke he made of us needing a new system after purchasing one from him last year), we finally made it to the Durham Public Library to check out both of the Bigfoot books that they had there.

I am loving this new obsession.  When I was getting my certification to teach middle school at Appalachian State, a professor mentioned that one of the few subjects that all kids could easily get into was “the unexplained”–the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, Bigfoot.  Based on how my offspring is lapping up tales of the smelly Sasquatch, I’d have to say it’s true.

Little w. doesn’t get the fact/fiction debate going on with these stories yet but accepts them all as gospel truth, and I like that.  We need some good stories in our lives, some uncertainty, some wonder that we don’t have it all figured out yet and that there are still, somewhere far, far away surprises to be had.

If it came down to it, you can find me in the camp of “I Want to Believe.”

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the first christmas gift for my son

And here’s another little treat from Parker & Otis for little w. that will be making its way into his stocking–if I ever get around to making his stocking.


Let’s give him another reason to play and not eat….

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my first christmas gift to myself

Thanks to Amy for pointing these out at Parker & Otis this morning.  I look forward to putting my new 2/3 cup measuring cup to good use!


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who wants to stage an intervention?

I knew that we had a book problem over here, but it has reached epic proportions.


With 84 library books currently checked out (limit 50 per card) compounding our book overcrowding situation, we are in a bad, bad way.

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off to hang out with 60,000 of my best friends


Courtesy of the harried looking woman at University Mall, we will officially be attending the North Carolina State Fair this year as we already have our tickets in our hot little hands, provided that no one misplaces them or moves them to some top secret super-dooper hiding spot.

The theme for the State Fair this year is “A Whole Lotta Happy” which I have to say better describe our experience at the fair so that I can forgive seeing the word “lotta” in print.  I do like how they have already posted a list of free things to do at the fair; I think we’ll be found at the pig races and the antique farm equipment barn for sure.

After reading this article in The Economist, I will also be keeping my eye out for the deep fried ball of butter for sure. Mmmmm.  What a tasty and healthful treat!  I mean, butter is natural.  How could a fried butter orb possibly be bad for you??

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