her spare skin


Little e. has been very excited about getting new winter zhjammies (kind of how she pronounces it).  She has chattered and chittered on and on about it and was so thrilled to go to the Zhjammy Store to pick out her very own pair.  So excited she has been about these fuzzy footed pajamas that she has insisted on wearing them to bed in the evening and for naptimes every day since we brought them home.

Yesterday at Costco, I decided that it was probably prudent to invest in a second pair of winter zhjammies.  I showed her brown ones with “pokey-dots” and pink and white striped ones, but the only pair that would do in her eyes was another pair of Carolina blue zhjammies, size 2T with white flowers on them.  Two pairs of identical zhjammies.  Talk about a girl tailor-made for school uniforms.

I thought about taking a stand and making her pick out a different pair of pajamas–green, pink, gray, whatever, but then I realized that there was no point.  The girl knows what she likes and that’s good.  When I go out to my favorite restaurant, I invariably order the same things.  And why not?  Who wants to be disappointed by something that isn’t as good as what you ordinarily get?  And for little e., the brown zhjammies might not be as cozy or soft or fluffy, so why chance it when you’ve got a good thing going?

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